What are the kinds of HYIPs?

Thematically, HYIP projects can be devoted to anything. But, as already mentioned, the legend of the HYIP does not usually affect anything, so it's easiest to classify such projects in terms of their profitability.

HYIP, promising investors a monthly net income of over 61% - is called "fast". High profit is accompanied by serious risk - due to high profitability fast-HYIPs can not exist for long and, often, the pyramid collapses in a very short time. However, it is these short-lived HYIPs that are most attractive to impatient investors, which means they can be easily and quickly earned on both by project organizers and experienced HYIP-brokers.

If the profitability of HYIPs fluctuates between 15% and 60%, they are medium-interest projects or, as they are called, “middles”. The life cycle of these investment funds is much more measured and predictable, but this has a profound effect on profitability - most modern mid-interest HYIPs offer only about 20% of monthly income to its members.

The lowest income in the unstable HYIP niche is offered by "low-interest" projects with yields of less than 15% per month. At first glance, the low profit should be compensated by high predictability, but in reality this is not so. Payments in a low-interest HYIP project can be interrupted at any time, and this despite the fact that in order to obtain substantial profits, more substantial investments are needed in comparison with high-yield HYIPs.