What is HYIP?

HYIP is an abbreviation, which stands for High Yield Investment Program. Investing in a high-level project involves a high risk, since in fact any HYIP is built on the principle of a pyramid and exists solely due to the receipt of funds from new participants. Working with HYIPs can turn into both a significant profit and a major failure - everything depends on the literacy of the approach to both investments and the organization of such projects.

How to order a turnkey HYIP?

Just contact our studio in any convenient way: via Skype, E-mail or Telegram. You will find detailed information in the "Contacts" section.

I did not find an answer to my question

Contact us via Skype, E-mail or Telegram from the "Contacts" section and we will be happy to answer it!

Can I order a template for different projects?

We know perfectly well how convenient it is to have one ready-made solution for several projects at once. Therefore, we are always ready to prepare for you working h-script templates, goldcoders templates, MLM templates and many other universal products.

What does turnkey HYIP mean?

This means that we take on the entire cycle of creating an HYIP project from start to finish.

  1. We'll choose a suitable CMS and help you purchase a license for it. And then our programmers and web-technicians will take over the matter, after all, setting up a turnkey HYIP is our profile.
  2. We'll solve all problems with hosting. We know very well how to install HYIP for hosting, as well as which host centers are most suitable for working in the HYIP niche.
  3. Prepare a unique HYIP design. Only a slight distinction from the gray crowd of the same type of HYIPs and your project will begin to generate a much larger profit!
  4. Connect to more than 30 payment systems. More ways to deposit and withdraw funds - more potential customers!
  5. We'll fine-tune the script and add unique functions.
  6. Prepare promotional materials and take up the promotion of your HYIP. Banners, video presentations, SEO and SMM - our marketers will make sure that everyone learns about your HYIP.
  7. We provide full support for the project: hosting, ssl green bar for HYIP, company registration in the UK, protection against DDOS attacks and much more!
If I order a unique design from you, will you not sell it again to someone else?

No, a unique HYIP design is always the property of the client.

Can you create a script for various projects, such as HYIP, MLM games, binary options, HYIP monitoring, matrix projects?

Yes, the range of our capabilities for creating scripts is limited only by the client's imagination. Whatever you need: to create MLM, matrix projects or HYIP monitor - our studio is ready to take on all the work for the implementation of your projects.

Do you make changes to the script?

We know how important it is for many of our customers to gain a competitive advantage by implementing a unique functionality in their HYIP. Therefore, we are always ready to make the necessary changes to the script, connect additional modules (for example, if you need the bitcoin HYIP script) and perform fine tuning at the source level of the script code.

What scripts are used by you to create HYIP?

More often we use the two most common scripts for HYIPs: hscript and goldcoders. However, our programmers are real masters of their business, ready to customize and run any HYIP script at the request of the client.

I liked the design of one of your projects with the exception of a few details. Is it possible to make edits to the existing design?

Yes, it is possible. We work for the result and only in the interests of clients, and the professionalism of our employees will allow you to buy a ready-made HYIP project with a unique design and functionality.

What is the cost of your services?

Depending on the complexity of the project, the cost of services can vary, so we prefer to individually negotiate the price of a complete HYIP project. But if you want to ascertain and figure out what the HYIP price will be, visit the "Services" section - there you will find a list of our tariff plans and a full price list.