Corporate websites

Developing corporate websites for high-profile projects is all about providing their legends with a convincing and beautiful foundation. If your business has nothing but a website, it has to be flawless. We know how important this is and we make every effort to make the corporate resource look good, causing a desire to bring money to your project.

The site should not just be like you-it must catch the eye of the future investor and cause him to trust, and interest.

What must be on the corporate website

It should cause a desire to invest money in your investment project and allow doing so. Everything must work for it:

  • good response time. We recommend not saving on hosting, do not overload the site. It should load in a fraction of a second;
  • an attractive design that supports the legend in a way that makes you want to believe it;
  • unique content; convenience of payment means. The more payment systems will be tied, the better - let everyone use their favorite and familiar;
  • Protection. We always insist on installing an SSL certificate-a way to encrypt data exchange with the user's computer and at the same time increase confidence in the site. We will order the certificate ourselves; you won't have to write or generate a key. Your site will be marked by browsers as trustworthy;
  • thoughtful marketing.

To communicate with users on the site you can provide a blog, a forum, and a newsfeed. You can't neglect the informational contact with them: people trust the one they got to know on the Internet, reading his news and following his activities. This is true even for a page of a nail salon on the social network and is even more important for you. The development of corporate sites for HYIP projects takes into account all these points.

Order a corporate website from us

Our main advantage is our immersion in the topic of HYIP. We know well how to create attractive sites, what investors like, and what makes them wary. At your disposal will be:

  • А place on a secure server, protected from hacking and attacks;
  • fully turnkey designed website, and we will take into account all your wishes, and ideas, collect from them a beautiful legend, and ideally support her page;
  • original script, which is more resistant to attempts to hack it than common ready-made scripts;
  • additional marketing materials (video review, presentations, infographics, pictures).

All of this will cost you less than the market average. We understand that you are preparing a short-lived project, and we are not ready to pour a large budget into it. We know what to do with it, what you can save on, and what - absolutely not. Write to us, leave an application and get a beautiful project with which you can make money in the shortest possible time.