Matrix projects

Any idea can be turned into a business, and our team is ready to help. CHYIP has extensive experience in attracting investments and has modern technical means and tools at its disposal. You name the plan and we will create a unique matrix project based on it. Our professionals will support its work throughout the whole time of its functioning.

A little theory to understand

A matrix project is one of the varieties of an HYIP (a profitable investment program). The peculiarity of such marketing is not the attraction of funds for a specific product, as in cryptocurrency mining, but the construction of an effective team. Matrix is seen as an MLM game. Its rules are based on the fact that the incoming participant is both a sponsor and a referral. If you are not familiar with such wording, let's consider it in more detail.

A referral is a participant who, before entering a matrix project, buys his place by investing a certain amount of money. It can be different (both 10 and 500 rubles). Sellers in the matrix project are sponsors. These people came into the game before the referral, and he was attracted in order to expand the team (not only their own but the project as a whole). Since the matrix script is built on the search for new participants, anyone automatically becomes a sponsor.

How it is divided

The MLM matrix is classified into these types:

  • Linear. Such MLM scripts assume an unlimited number of participants for the sponsor. It depends only on how many places he can sell.
  • Limited. In such versions, each inviting sponsor is given 2 or 3 referrals. A person, who comes over the designated number, goes to the disposal of either the superior sponsor or one of the subordinate referrals.
  • Chess. An MLM pyramid script of this kind involves the transfer of each even or odd invited participant to the sponsor of the player who invited the referral to the project.

The question may arise as to why we need such complex configurations and transitions if we can limit ourselves to a linear version of the MLM matrix script. The answer is: that this approach allows stimulating participants to play. The higher the activity of the matrix project, the better its image, and the more probable its longevity. Thus, it is easier for the sponsor to motivate 2 or 3 people at his disposal, than dozens of participants.

Our work is the key to your success

The matrix project management structure must be protected against fraud. The reputation of the MLM game and its profitability depends on it. Schemes, where one player imitates a large team, are unacceptable. To exclude such phenomena, give the technical support of the matrix project to professionals. We have a number of ready-made solutions. You can download from the CHYIP database a Script MLM that corresponds to the idea. All ready matrix templates are presented in our catalog.

In addition to a unique script, we offer a quality technical base:

  • a server protected from viruses and hacker attacks;
  • payment systems linked to the resource;
  • unique design and meaningful content for the site;
  • software installation;
  • instructions for use;
  • management services.

Each MLM matrix script is a product for which we are fully responsible. Before linking to your site and launching it, it is thoroughly tested. After the start of work and with our support you will be able to get the first money in a few weeks. Provided the business is running smoothly and honestly, the amount of income will increase and the business will grow!