Landing Pages

Landing pages for HYIPs are especially important because they will give the user their first impression and decide whether they are interested in investing money or not. On average, a modern person rarely stays on information that does not interest him for more than 30 seconds, so you have only that time to convince him to stay.

A landing page is the calling card of your business and the key to revenue. In a real store, you would have a salesperson behind the counter and a signboard and window display outside the store, whereas, on the Internet, a landing page plays this role. It's called a landing page because it's the first one the user sees when he or she clicks on the link redirecting to your site.

What a landing page should be

Landing pages for HYIP-projects should in a very short time, literally at a glance tell the whole project and show the benefits. Everything works for this-catchy slogans, design, which wants to look closer. In fact, it depends on it, whether the user will read the text, so the information should be at a minimum when you can read more about it.

What must be contained in the landing page:

  • structured information. Better if these are numbers: the counter of the last transactions, the number of participants, attractive discounts if any, the number of bonuses, and potential earnings. The user should immediately understand what he is being offered, at what price, and what he will get in the end;
  • call to action-no more than one. Several buttons will confuse the user if they are noticed at all. More often than not, such a call to action is to invest in the project, to become a member right now, to bring a friend and receive a certain amount of money;
  • videos-but no more than one and of real quality. Amateur videos are better not to post;
  • one phrase, what makes your project different from all the other HYIP.

Developing a landing page seems simple-after all, it's a small site that contains a minimum of information about HYIP. But a landing page should:

  • it is very fast to load. If the user has to wait, he'll just leave;
  • give you the opportunity to take advantage of the project immediately. You may need to tie up your funds: people don't like to wait and follow a link somewhere else;
  • looks expensive. You're offering an HYIP, an investment project, not a nineties-style forum.

Only professionals can provide all this. Don't trust your landing page to beginners, and especially don't try to create it yourself.

Why it is better to contact us?

On the one hand, we have a lot of experience in providing this service, and on the other hand-we follow the current trends, and we know what will help you achieve your goal and what will not. Your branding should look expensive and work without fail.

You're raising money and security is important to you. It's better to start working on it at once, with a small landing page and do it consistently. Developing scripts for HYIPs for more than five years, we know how to prevent hacking and phishing. We will save both your money and your reputation.