Economic game script

We have been developing economic game scripts for several years.

This is a popular type of earning and entertainment-economic game with a withdrawal of money. They usually require some significant investment from the participants. Formally, you can participate in the game without it, because at the start each newcomer gets a small amount. But the income from it will be insignificant, so without investment cannot do.

As in the Matrix, an important source of income in the economic game will be recruiting newcomers. Players get bonuses for being invited.

What an economic game should be like

Each player may have a different strategy. Most enter the game once a day to collect the "harvest" and make a few manipulations. This is a gambling activity, so in an effort to make money participants are trying to cheat. Well-known economic game scripts, if no changes are made to them, are vulnerable-experienced users who find a way to hack or bypass the system.

The first thing you need is the original script. It is either written from scratch or modified from a known one to increase reliability. Don't try to download the script yourself and use it if you don't have much experience in building this kind of system.

Next, the game requires an interesting legend and a recognizable and attractive design. Although it has little effect on the technical essence, without an image component and an interesting idea, no one will come to invest money. It is better to entrust the development of the design to professionals-it should look expensive and unusual.

In addition, it should be convenient to play, including comfortable making payments - in one or two clicks. There are a lot of games on the Internet, and if it's difficult to pay at your place, players will go elsewhere, taking their money with them.

What do we offer for your project

We develop the project on a turnkey basis, from the idea to full readiness and start. We know all the basic economic game scripts with money withdrawal, their weaknesses, and operating principles. We write scripts ourselves, bringing them to perfection. We give our clients everything for the reliable and trouble-free operation of the project:

  • DDoS-protected server;
  • original script with tamper-proof;
  • binding of all popular payment methods;
  • unique design and content for the site.

Fill in the brief and we will start development, taking into account all your needs. Before the start of the project, if necessary, we will give advice on its further development.