Exchange services

The development of the exchanger is a necessary component of creating a highly profitable project.

Exchange services operate on different terms-some practice a referral system because it is familiar to clients, and many have different commission rates. At the heart of any such project is a script and possibly the work of an operator. The latter depends on how much you are prepared to automate the processes.

What kind of exchangers

Many investment projects rely on their currency. Its withdrawal and exchange to other electronic money is just a job for the exchanger. This is usually the site where applications are accepted. Some of them create a secret key for the client's security-the transaction goes through a secret code.

Exchange services come in varying degrees of automation. Creating an exchanger begins with choosing whether the exchange will be manual or not. Some trust only those where there is a manual check, others try not to mess with the human factor. But more often it all comes down to the ability to provide such an employee. Especially since the Internet never sleeps, and operators often have to work two shifts.

There are different services:

  • working in manual mode. Here everything is done by the admin. He receives a client's exchange request, gives the details, checks the payments, and transfers the equivalent of the funds received to the client's account;
  • semi-automatic. Such a service allows the client to send a request and immediately afterward the desired amount through the usual payment system. All the operator has to do is to check the receipt of money and make a return transfer in another currency;
  • automated. It requires human intervention only when there are any problems.

Semi-automatic service is considered the safest because the operator's work is simplified enough to reduce the likelihood of errors and any problems will be noticed in time.

Why do you need to order the exchanger from us

Development of an exchanger is our usual service. We know the vulnerabilities of such systems and have accumulated enough experience on previous projects to make your work simple. We take care that:

  • the exchange was fast. If you have an operator, part of the work, of course, depends on him, but we on our part will provide speed;
  • service was secure. This is achieved both by using the original script and by installing a quality SSL certificate on your site;
  • the process of use was as simple as possible for both customers and the operator.

HYIP exchangers are our specialty. Order your exchange service today and start earning your first commissions shortly.