Development of payment systems

The script for accepting payments on the site is one of the most important elements of the functioning of any commercial project on the Internet. It focuses on monetary transactions that take place online and are associated with the trade of a particular product, payment, remuneration payments (if it is an investment program), etc. For the client, it is important how seriously you approach the development of the payment system and the creation of an electronic wallet site, it depends on it:

  • the comfort of paying online;
  • a reasonable service fee;
  • security of operations with the user's bank card;
  • reviews of your company;
  • expansion of sales geography.

The peculiarity of business on the Internet is that any, even the slightest failure in the payment service will lead to an outflow of existing customers and suspend the flow of new ones. To exclude this risk, to minimize it, it is necessary to order the payment system script from professionals.

How it works

The payment acceptance system on the site includes a set of tools by which procedures for the movement of funds and the fulfillment of financial obligations are implemented. Various configurations are used on the Internet. They should be selected based on the number of functions the payment acceptance system script should include, the number of participants, the specifics of the project, and the level of funds flow.

If we talk about investment programs and economic games, most often electronic wallets are connected to serve them:

  • QIWI;
  • Payer;
  • LiQ Pay;
  • PayPal;
  • Web Money;
  • "Privat-24" (for Ukraine);
  • "Yandex.Money", and etc.

When developing a script for the payment acceptance system on the site, you must take into account the fact that you need a simple and user-friendly interface that is used on an intuitive level. The key parameters are:

  • safety;
  • reliability;
  • multifunctionality.

The more platforms you offer, the more likely it is that the user will be satisfied, because he will be able to choose a convenient option.

The efficiency of the payment system is related to the quality of service of small and large payments. At the development stage, it is very important to ensure continuity of operation. Transactions to transfer money to a card or bank account must be performed promptly and confidentially. The payment system script is provided with protection against hacking attempts and hacker attacks. It is necessary to develop a variant that provides recovery options in case a failure does occur.

Professional support is important

The Chyip team has been developing investment programs for individuals and connecting payment acceptance systems to them for many years. We do it from scratch and are responsible for every step. If you don't want to waste time on development, our catalog contains ready-made payment acceptance system scripts. You can use these solutions right now; our specialists will provide the necessary advice.

We implement an SSL certificate for the payment acceptance system, which provides protection against DDOS attacks. Stability and continuity of the script, and attractive design are important for users, and we always take them into account in our developments. Our experts will provide 24/7 technical support for the payment acceptance system, which will help to solve any problems and guarantee the performance of your site.